case history


Alabama Power Company, a subsidiary of Southern Company Services, needed to build relationships with its community.

Other key stakeholders needed to be reached and loyalty built.

A new president of that organization had just been appointed and needed to make a mark in the state.

The Tuskegee Airmen are national treasures.


Focus media efforts locally, on the African - American press nationally and the general press regionally.

Invite local and national key government officials - including former presidents and entertainers who have a significant interest in the Tuskegee Airmen.

Include key influencers within the African - American community.

Develop solid and consistent print materials, branding them as Alabama Power collateral.


Nearly 2000 attended the premiere.

Key relationships within the African - American community, government and customers have been secured.

Hundreds of media hits appeared throughout the country.


case history


State not known as traditional tourist destination.

Misrepresentation about Alabama.

Alabama's virtues not known to tourists.


Creative differentiation.

Segment audience - different tourists, different needs.

Heavy media weight with production efficiency.

Stars fell on Alabama.


Lodging tax up 11 percent - best result in state history.

Tourism is now Alabama's 2nd largest industry - tax.

Best budget efficiency in southeast.


case history


On 8/24/97 HBO offered Elements, Inc. the opportunity to handle the premiere.

Several entities and constituents needed to be coordinated and managed delicately.

Story pitch had to have cross appeal to generate interest from a wide range of media outlets.


Attract about 1400 people to the HBO premiere.

Solicit media organizations to cover the premiere (client goal 5-8 print publications and 3 television networks).


Build a target databases featuring a cross-section of the community: from public officials to business leaders and friends of the four little girls, and the various affected constituents and organizations touched by the event.

Contact and pitch the documentary premiere to reporters at various media organizations, concentrating on the southern states.

Use Elements media contacts, special PR databases and timing for the media relations.

Divide tactics and strategies into three work groups: invitations and events, media management and constituent building.

Provide enhanced local and event - time press releases and management.


More than 2000 attended the premiere.

Nearly 50 local, regional and national media organizations covered the event.

More than 700 people attended the special reception following the premiere.

HBO and the documentary have been embraced by the media, public officials and business leaders.

Over 150 instances of media coverage in the 2 - week timeframe.

Media coverage and public sentiments elevated HBO/Spike Lee's 4 Little Girls to the position of highest regards and societal influence.


case history


Mortgage loans to low - mid income households.

African Americans preferred finance companies to banks.

Banks perceived as "A network for affluent".


Identified obstacles/opportunities, product strengths and weakness.

Developed a client - specific campaign with the following:

Creative (Broadcast and Print), Media, Direct Mails (segmented by zip code, customer type and profile).

Special Programs (Non-traditional advertising i.e. Neighborhood Seminars, etc.)

Corporate Structural Recommendations (Loan offices and customers.

Public relations in the African American Community.

Worked with each bank's independent Ad campaign and strategy.


Loan inquiries increased 20 percent at the end of the first four weeks of the campaign.

Participating members showed better performance than non-members among African Americans obtaining mortgage loans.

The (introductory) campaign was 8 percent under budget (Budget was $70,000 for one market over a six-week period).

Elements, Inc. obtained an advertising contract from one of the members (Central Bank) as a result of the success.

NOTE: Clients had their own agencies of record, and our campaign complimented their corporate advertising.


case history


Choctaw county schools were in deplorable condition.

Three times previously the referendum attempts had failed to convince voters to increase mill taxes for education.

Voters rarely approve mill taxes, regardless of the issue at hand.

The community was hostile and economically divided on the subject of education funding.


Convince voters to approve a substantial mill tax increase

Persuade leaders in civic and social circles to speak in support of additional funding for schools.

Provide media management on lingering issues and the hostilities targeted at the Board of Education.


Conduct research to determine voter opinion and potential barriers.

Develop emotional advertising.

Focus on public relations and community relations.

Consultation to the Board on media strategies and general public inquiries.

Develop a working relationship with schools, select students, and stakeholders.

Utilize a three-phase approach: problem, solution, action.


The election process received positive television and print coverage locally and in neighboring cities and states.

Over 50 percent of voters approved the 8-mill tax increase for schools.

Choctaw County now has funding equal to that of Alabama's best school system.

Relationships between the business community and education have improved.

Confidence in the Board of Education leadership has improved.