Since 1952, we have focused on one objective: Communication Solutions: Solving business problems and advancing public policy through communication.

The goal of everyone at Elements, Inc. is simple: to find solutions to business and public affairs problems through effective communication. This goal is achieved by a direct accessibility or a "one-on-one" relationship with the client; comprehensive staff education in all areas of the client's specific industry; and extensive analysis of all issues regarding the client's needs. This formula for success has produced exceptional results for a diverse clientele for over 50 years.


Public Relations - Building an image or sustaining a position for your company takes more than paid media can deliver. At Elements, our plan takes proactive measures to create positive public relations. It recognizes the many constituents who may affect a PR outcome. And it provides the control tactics that help our clients deal effectively with a crisis.                                                                              

Issues Management and Public Affairs - At Elements, we help our clients establish and maintain positive relationships internally, as well as in the community through a variety of tactics, including issues management and opinion research.                                                                                                                     

Crisis Management - A crisis! It can happen at any moment. Are you prepared? At Elements, we help our clients manage the situation and their reputation under extremely stressful and sensitive circumstances.                                                        

Target Marketing - Communicating and marketing are hallmarks of Elements. We make it a point to understand and respect the difference in audiences, and we help our clients create and communicate the right messages to their customers and constituents.